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Personally Identifiable Information Collection and Usage Agreement
I fully understand the contents below, and agree that SSTLabs Co., Ltd. shall collect, use, and provide my personally identifiable information to business.

Purpose of collection and usage of personally identifiable information:

  • · Management of business collaboration and/or cooperation
  • · Management of civil affairs and conflict after the business is completed
  • · Implementation of legal duty or obligation

Items of personally identifiable information collected:

Name, contact information, company name, request information

Period of maintenance and use of collected personally identifiable information:

Personally-identifiable information that has been collected will be kept and used for one year and will be destroyed thereafter.

Right to refuse and disadvantages of refusal:

The applicant has the right to refuse the collection and use of personally-identifiable information. However, the refusal may result in disadvantages with respect to participating in business collaboration and/or cooperation.

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